Opening: Freitag, 11. September
19h – 22h
The show is open on saturday, September 12, 15h – 18h

Tiptoe to my room tonight, pink towels.
What if they wear tights? How is this
going to work? You worry me.
Undress your feet and
get in
(real estate agent’s conductive voice).

I never asked to want a house. Or to be a flower.
Buy me just to feel like spring.
Rose to microphone: People are always judging me, like… you know… like they know me. It’s just
so nerve-racking.

I need the rain, you just get wet.
I smoke. Smoking is boring.
As long as I can see the moonlight, I'm happy.
It‘s a jungle out here. Pigs think they're lions etc.

In the basin
below supper,
tiny jaws and you will meet.
Don't worry they’ve got a
plan for you.
The act of feeding is savage or
a technique.