Claire van Lubeek & Linda Voorwinde
Dear Slice of Cake

20h, performance starts 20.30h

"Beyond meaning lies feeling. And feeling someone feel what you feel makes all the difference. It can stop you from going mad. Madness is a product of the unavowed. Mutually acknowledged feelings, be they painful or joyful, are something one can act towards.

Unwitnessed pain and joy, on the contrary, isolate you. Left alone with a feeling, without any means to verify it, your mind is split between the sensation of that feeling and the fear that it might just as well be a delusion, with sensation and doubt being equally strong. Fearing that it’s ‘all in your head,’ and hence all your fault, you slowly go crazy or numb.

Traditionally, what art and philosophy are thought to provide is ‘solace’. Perhaps they do. Or they did, untill the point where we became modern enough to know that listening to a sad song in a moment of sadness might actually just be a convenient way of indulging in emotional delusion.

If in the world around us, there are no colours anymore, it might just be because we want to see it painted black. Without witnesses, who can say we were really sad, and not just moody.

One learns to live with ghosts, because he surrenders his desire to possess the ghost and instead simply avows its presence. What food can hungry ghosts offer one another? Maybe none. But then again, is there not some solace in the avowal of the other’s spectral presence? Ghosts that avow each other can at least go haunt a house together."
— Jan Verwoert